Rüüt is an ensemble in which different worlds of an actress, jazz-musician and two Estonian diatonic accordion players meet and become combined into one. As a result Rüüt’s music is a good listening to folk lovers, those interested in technical intricacies and also to wonderers of mellow musical landscapes.

They have made characteristic arrangements to quite a few of Estonian traditional folk tunes and songs. In addition the ensemble also arranges their own compositions. And the search for piece’s final arrangement does not end until all the members are entranced by it. To achieve that the band conjures all kinds of ideas and solutions that will form the music.

The band is characterized by mystical atmosphere, intricate harmonic, melodic and rhythmic combinations, precision and a common feel. This is what Rüüt’s music is like.

The ensemble has performed on the stages of major Estonian folk music festivals, in television and in February 2015 RÜÜT released their debut album called "Maasikille".

  • In 2015 released debut album "Maasikille"
  • In 2017 released second album "Kadakad/Junipers"


  • Maarja Soomre - vocal/melodica
  • Maili Metssalu - vocal/fiddle
  • Juhan Uppin - Estonian diatonic accordion
  • Jaan-Eerik Aardam - vocal, guitar